Who Are We?

Because Quality Assurance Means Quality Service

Our commitment to major consumer brands such as HughesNet, Exede, DIRECTV, and ADT keeps us focused on a high standard of customer service. These companies allow Buyer’s Voice to represent them to you, their customer, because of our consistent effort to provide you with an exceptional experience of their brands.

Tired of Offshore Outsourcing?

These days, most of us have had a frustrating encounter with a customer service agent who is located in another country. Perhaps you noticed that a language barrier prevented you from getting satisfactory resolution to a problem. Maybe you reached the conclusion that you wouldn’t do business with that company anymore because you didn’t feel like the voice on the other end of the line belonged to someone who cared.

American Service for American Customers

We know how you feel, which is why our customer relationship specialists are based in the United States and are hand-picked from a pool of applicants that demonstrate extraordinarily good communication skills. They are expertly trained to intimately know the brands, products, and services that we represent so that customers feel confident about the quality of information and service that they are receiving.

Personal and Friendly Service is Guaranteed

You’re not just a number on a screen to us. We want you to tell us how we can best help you to get the most from the time and money that you spend with Buyer’s Voice. We want you to think of Buyer’s Voice first when your friends and family are looking for satellite Internet, satellite television, and home security products.

You want to exercise your choices when it comes to spending your hard-earned dollar. Buyer’s Voice is here to give you the best options and ensure that you are happy with your decision to business with us.

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Partnering with major consumer brands such as...